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November 30, 2010

Not your mother's pearls....

Why hide your beautiful jewels in some box? Use your collection to decorate your space. Plus you can keep them untangled on a fun fixture. I think Urban Outfitters has an amazing selection of unexpected jewelry fixtures at incredibly compelling price points. Even without jewelry piled on top of them they still look like a great decorative piece on your dresser!

Sometimes it's all about the Presentation!

Growing up, the women in my family LOVED to host parties. They are each amazing chefs and all of them have an incredible knack in creating the perfect party atmosphere! But the one piece of advice that I'll always remember came from my Aunt Colleen who said, "Alexis sometimes it's all about the presentation. Not every meal you serve is going to be perfect, but if you can dress it up in a pretty package, that's all your guests are going to remember in the end." Well Aunt Colleen, good thing I leave the cooking up to my boyfriend because now I can focus my attention on the presentation! Below I've pulled a collection of amazing dishware that will be the perfect conversation starter at any dinner party and leave your guests dying to know where you found it versus dwelling on your burnt entre!

LA Plates: (Makes for a great personalized gift!)

Fishs Eddy: Floor Plan Dinnerware

Fishs Eddy: Brooklyn Dinnerware

Anthropologie: On-A-Whim Dinnerware

Fishs Eddy: New York Crossword Puzzle

Anthropolgie: From the Deep Dinnerware