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December 16, 2010

I Feel Teal...

I can't help myself. I'm freakin' OBSESSED with Teal and Turquoise right now. I've been painting my nails Teal, dressing in Teal, wrapping presents in Teal. I even got my hands on a can of Teal paint! My boyfriend came home and every random picture frame, vase, mirror, etc was covered in Teal. He literally thought I had gone crazy and carefully pried the Teal paint brush out of my little Teal covered hands! I'm not sure if it is the calmness that a pale Teal exudes or the bold punch of a vibrant deep turquoise that I love, but either way...I think this color is amazing in every way!

Essie: Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish

Literally the coolest nail polish ever!